5 Things You Can Do to Stop Human Trafficking

Globally, human trafficking impacts 50 million people per year. Fortunately, interest in human trafficking prevention has grown in recent years. In American cities, the criminal act of forced labor occurs in affluent neighborhoods as frequently as in dangerous areas. 

Anyone can take steps to stop human trafficking, and those steps do not necessarily require large amounts of time and money. Read on to learn five things you can do to stop human trafficking.

1. Support a Nonprofit That Addresses Human Trafficking

Hundreds of nonprofits across the country work to protect victims of human trafficking. Covenant Rescue Group, for example, has worked since mid-2019 to liberate 100 victims of human trafficking.

Our team provides training and equipment to law enforcement who then find and arrest the perpetrators behind trafficking. The CRG team includes highly decorated US Navy SEALs and successful businessmen and women. 

Whether you support the efforts of CRG or another great charity like Polaris, donating time and resources to groups who work to end human trafficking can make a serious difference in the lives of trafficking victims.  

2. Report Incidents of Human Trafficking

Stop Human Trafficking

Last year, 2,360 human trafficking-related arrests were made in the United States, according to the Department of Homeland Security. In many cases, law enforcement can only help victims once they are reported. 

Although signs of human trafficking can be hard to spot, reporting women who appear to have been physically abused or forceable restrained can help police question a potential victim or perpetrator. Some victims are even branded.

Trafficking frequently occurs in middle- and upper-class neighborhoods, so do not discount neighborhoods that otherwise appear safe.  

3. Think Before You Shop

Trafficking does not always involve forced sex acts. Some victims are trafficked across national borders and compelled to work in forced labor. Products sold in the United States can come from these factories that deny their workers basic human rights. 

You can prevent your dollars from going to these industries by supporting local businesses that only sell fair trade and trafficking-free goods.

4. Prep for National Human Trafficking and Slavery Awareness Month

Did you know that January is National Human Trafficking and Slavery Awareness Month? You can show your support for the movement by wearing blue on January 11, which is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. 

You can also raise awareness via social media by posting a photo of you wearing blue with the hashtags #wearblueday #endhumantrafficking.

5. Raise Awareness With Local Politicians

Have you reached out to your local politician for this issue? Elected officials can pass laws that address human trafficking. 

Consider writing an email or calling their office. Real change starts at the local level. 

Learn More Ways to Stop Human Trafficking

CRG supports operations that lead to real arrests. Our training and support lead to operations and stings that break up trafficking rings.

We always welcome inquiries from law enforcement and civilians. To learn how to donate to our mission or schedule a consultation, contact our office today. Together, we can stop human trafficking.