6 Loving Ways to Support a Human Trafficking Victim

Human trafficking victims experience more pain and trauma than some of us will ever experience. So how do we love them well and show them that we care about them? Here are 6 ways you can support a human trafficking victim.

Pray for Them

We underestimate the power prayer can have on modern slavery. One of the best ways to support a human trafficking victim is to pray for them! God is strong enough to break the physical bonds of captivity and the emotional bonds of fear and pain. He also has the power to heal trafficked victims from their trauma. So commit to praying for human trafficking victims (and their captors!); God will hear and answer those prayers!

Put Them in Touch With Human Trafficking Ministries

Once trafficking victims are rescued, you can put them in touch with transitional living programs, like Blazing Hope Ranch. This organization gives trafficking victims a place to start over and heal, surrounded by loving, experienced individuals and the beauties of nature.

“Survivors of human trafficking may have never truly experienced a place called HOME. The transitional living program at Blazing Hope Ranch provides a place of lasting H.O.P.E. A place where Healing, Opportunity, Protection and Education can happen on a daily basis. And where true freedom can be found.”

Blazing Hope Ranch

Spread Awareness About Human Trafficking

Maybe you don’t know a human trafficking victim personally but feel burdened to help in some way. Support a human trafficking victim doesn’t have to be direct, it can be indirect in the form of spreading awareness.

Are you currently attending a college or university? Perhaps you could host an informational event or a fundraiser to raise money for an anti-human trafficking organization. Do you have teens? Maybe it’s time to educate them on the dangers of human trafficking and teach them how to stay safe online. Addicted to porn? Reach out to a counselor for help. The porn industry relies on human trafficking and when you consume porn, you are supporting the industry.

Learn the Signs of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking victims may not know they need help or, if they do, may not be able to get the help they need for themselves. So one of the best ways to love trafficking victims is to learn the signs of trafficking and if you see them, contact someone who can help. It doesn’t take long to text, chat, or call the National Human Trafficking Hotline and it may just save someone’s life.

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Volunteer or Work With Anti-trafficking Organizations

Ministries that rescue and care for victims sometimes rely on volunteers to operate, so offering to help local anti-trafficking organizations can be another great way to extend love towards victims. Even if all you do is run errands or help with office duties, you are making a difference in the lives of trafficking victims.

Donate to Anti-trafficking Organizations

You don’t have to know a trafficking victim personally to help. There are organizations out there that need your financial support. Set aside some money each month (even $10!) to donate to organizations that work to apprehend captors and rescue victims of human trafficking. Initiatives like ours at Covenant Rescue cannot operate without the support of individuals who are burdened for the cause, so this is an incredibly tangible way you can support trafficking victims.

Human trafficking is a dark reality of the world we live in, so trying to figure out the best way to get involved can be overwhelming. But don’t let that stop you from doing something. Fighting human trafficking is a worthy cause. When we show love to victims, we dispell the lies they have been told with the truth: that they are precious and worthy.

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