How to Spot Human Trafficking During the Holidays

spot human trafficking

The holiday season is full of joy and wonder, so it’s easy during this time of year to forget something as evil as human trafficking exists, much less look for it. But it’s important to know the signs so that you can spot human trafficking. Here are three ways you can be on the lookout…

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How Do Human Traffickers Mark Their Victims

traffickers mark their victims

What Is Branding and Why Do Human Traffickers Do It? Branding has always been a way owners mark their property so that others know it belongs to them. Ranchers, for example, brand their cattle with their ranch logo to distinguish their livestock from fellow ranchers’ livestock. Sadly, traffickers have adopted this practice and mark other…

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5 Travel Tips to Help Stop Human Trafficking

stop human trafficking

Human traffickers use hotels, airlines, etc. in the trafficking of their victims, so when you travel, it’s important to stay aware and report anything that looks suspicious. Here are 5 travel tips you can put to use on your next trip to help stop human trafficking. Book Your Hotel or Flight With a Company That…

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10 U.S. Cities with the Highest Rates of Human Trafficking

cities with the highest rates of human trafficking

While every city experiences some extent of human trafficking, there are particular cities where this crime is more rampant due to factors such as population, location, and social factors. Here are the top 10 U.S. cities with the highest rates of human trafficking, according to the Human Trafficking Hotline’s 12/7/2007 – 12/31/2016 report. Washington, D.C.…

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How Airlines Can Play Vital Roles in Fighting Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a horrible crime that often goes unnoticed, especially when it comes to the travel and tourism industry. In recent years, this sector has been associated with increased incidences and reports of human trafficking, so what can be done to help? This article explores how the airline industry, in particular, plays a vital…

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How To Identify Human Trafficking in Schools

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery where people are coerced or forced into labor or sexual exploitation. It involves the manipulation of power in a relationship and results in someone being exploited for another person’s benefit. There are many types of human trafficking, including sex trafficking, forced labor, and domestic servitude. Human traffickers…

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Preventing Sex Trafficking by Creating Community

Children have a greater need than ever before for protection against predatory criminals who use the helplessness and despair of their victims in order to make a profit off of them. Studies have found that times of war and disaster are fertile breeding grounds for human trafficking. Human trafficking refers to the practice of buying and…

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Trafficking vs Smuggling: Understanding the Difference

One of the things that members of our Covenant Rescue Group are asked, both in work and in our outside lives, is this: What exactly is the difference between the terms “human trafficking” and “human smuggling”? Here, we provide an explanation of the key differences between the two. Understanding Human Smuggling Human smuggling is the…

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How Technology is Helping to Stop Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a global pandemic that continues to exist in the digital age. With so much information at our fingertips, you might expect a digital world to be a safer place. However, the ease with which people can now share information has only made human traffickers more brazen about their activities, while also making…

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