What Is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is far too common in the United States and across the globe. Did you know that nearly 25 million people worldwide are victims of forced labor? The good news is that wealthier nations are united against fighting human trafficking. But individual governments are not the only groups that can help. Individuals and organizations alike can help out…

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What Types of Human Trafficking Are There?

Did you know that experts estimate that more than ninety-nine percent of all human trafficking cases go undetected? Even though there are many types of human trafficking, they all have one thing in common: abusing a victim’s inherent vulnerabilities. Since it is crucial to know the different types of trafficking before it’s possible to take action to…

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What Areas Have the Most Human Trafficking?

Unfortunately, human trafficking is a serious issue worldwide. It’s referred to as modern-day slavery, as people are forced against their will into labor. Criminals traffic innocent lives for sexual exploitation, organ trafficking, or free workforce. It’s also more common than you may realize. The human trafficking stats are horrifying. Almost 21 million fall victim to crime annually. There are…

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How to Identify Human Trafficking

In 2021, U.S. law enforcement made 2,360 arrests for human trafficking-related offenses, according to the Department of Homeland Security. While that number may sound impressive, the majority of human trafficking perpetrators are never caught or arrested.  At Covenant Rescue Group, our experts train police and other peace officers on how to identify human traffickers. Read on to…

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How Can You Help Victims of Human Trafficking?

Addressing human trafficking can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Upwards of 50,000 women and children are forced into sexual slavery each year in this country alone. Victims of human trafficking need help, and that assistance can come from individuals like you. Have you always wanted to find a way to stop human trafficking? There are simple and…

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5 Things You Can Do to Stop Human Trafficking

Globally, human trafficking impacts 50 million people per year. Fortunately, interest in human trafficking prevention has grown in recent years. In American cities, the criminal act of forced labor occurs in affluent neighborhoods as frequently as in dangerous areas.  Anyone can take steps to stop human trafficking, and those steps do not necessarily require large amounts of…

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How to Be an At-Home Advocate for Human Trafficking

advocate for human trafficking

According to the Human Trafficking Hotline, there were 10,583 human trafficking cases reported in 2020 in the United States alone. With an issue so widespread, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder what you can possibly do to fight human trafficking. But you can be an at-home advocate for human trafficking! Here are 4 ways…

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4 Resources for Victims of Human Trafficking

victims of human trafficking

Human trafficking affects people of all ages, both male and female, from every race, American citizens and foreigners alike. Victims of human trafficking are torn from their families, forced to work for little to no pay in horrible conditions or perform sexual acts against their will. Abused and taken advantage of, they lose their dignity…

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How to Spot Human Trafficking During the Holidays

spot human trafficking

The holiday season is full of joy and wonder, so it’s easy during this time of year to forget something as evil as human trafficking exists, much less look for it. But it’s important to know the signs so that you can spot human trafficking. Here are three ways you can be on the lookout…

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