What Is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is far too common in the United States and across the globe. Did you know that nearly 25 million people worldwide are victims of forced labor?

The good news is that wealthier nations are united against fighting human trafficking. But individual governments are not the only groups that can help. Individuals and organizations alike can help out as well.

Read on to answer the question, what is human trafficking? Explore topics such as ways to prevent human trafficking and who are the most vulnerable people.

What Is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is a broad crime with many different forms. It involves holding or transferring people against their will. The primary objective is to exploit these victims for financial reasons.

In many cases, victims are secured through fraud and deception. Brute force is another common mechanism for acquiring victims.

Forced labor is a common form of human trafficking. Here, people are forced to work for little to no wages. They work in inhumane conditions for far too many hours.

Typical industries for forced labor are agriculture and construction. The entertainment and hospitality sectors are also familiar places for forced laborers.

Human traffickers also exploit their victims for sex and forced marriage. Traffickers are even known to remove and sell their victims’ organs.  

Ways to Prevent Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking

The best thing that you can do to prevent human trafficking is to learn the signs. If you spot something wrong, then you can notify the proper authorities. There is a National Human Trafficking Hotline to help victims.

Raising awareness is another critical element. By doing so, you can help others spot human trafficking and stop it.

Parents and children have a special responsibility as it pertains to human trafficking. Parents need to teach their children and others in the community about human trafficking. Children are potential targets and need to be educated about the subject.

You can also donate to or join organizations that are fighting human trafficking. For example, Covenant Rescue Group conducts real anti-trafficking operations. They work with law enforcement agencies to uncover pedophile rings and rescue forced laborers.

Who Are the Most Vulnerable People?

Anyone is susceptible to being lured into a human trafficking ring. However, certain groups are more prone than others.

The poor and oppressed are the most vulnerable. This includes the homeless and disadvantaged minority groups.

Refugees and migrants are also vulnerable. In the United States, those migrating from Central and South America are frequent targets.

Lastly, people with disabilities are unfortunately targeted. Those with substance use disorders are also vulnerable to human trafficking.

Your Guide to Human Trafficking

Human traffickers are lurking across the globe, waiting for their next prey. We must band together to prevent and stop human traffickers.

The good news is that there are organizations out there that are actively helping. They work with law enforcement to break up trafficking rings and rescue victims.

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